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Storms Leave Water Damage in Orlando Home

8/7/2019 (Permalink)

In Florida, storm damage happens. SERVPRO of Apopka-Wekiva is ready to assist you remediating the storm damage. Call us today!

High Winds that Rip Shingles and Siding off Orlando Homes Leave Unwanted Openings Behind 

Although a steady rainfall or even a storm brings much-appreciated rain to the Orlando area, loosened areas of your house's exterior might not hold up well. Areas of loosened exterior materials or pieces already in disrepair can end up in your lawn or driveway. When these pieces still have fasteners attached to them, the mess can create an additional and immediate safety hazard.

Making sure that the safety of your residence in Orlando after a storm damages exterior components is essential to us at SERVPRO. Our building services team, General Contractor License # CBC1258985, handles such repair work while our mitigation professionals take care of your home's interior. All work, both inside and out, is done according to local and state requirements using methods accepted by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Openings in your roof can soak your home from top to bottom, with rain following the easiest, least encumbered way downward. Such pathways can lead water through insulation, wiring, electrical boxes, and ventilation systems. Our IICRC-certified staff works on extracting the rainwater from every inch of your residence. The wide range of materials in your home require skilled professionals that understand the most effective ways of drying things.

When siding comes away from the side of your home, rain hitting the area can get trapped between lower sections of siding and the exterior sheathing. Trapped water often slowly trickles away, but some can remain in seams that previously stayed dry. We can check these areas and mitigate any potential problem areas. Pests that already existed may have burrowed into exterior wall spaces, allowing rain to enter your living space. We can handle all of these situations, and more, to protect your property.

Our building services include inspection and repair for HVAC units and related ducts, as well as electrical systems. Both of these can become damaged by invasive rainwater. Microbes growing inside your ventilation system can spread with ease into every room of your home, potentially causing unwanted health effects in your family members. We encourage you to discuss how our full range of services can make your home's restoration process faster while keeping costs low.

SERVPRO of Apopka-Wekiva is here to help you restore your Lockhart, Forest City, or Tangerine residence after storms cause damage. Exterior damage can cause trouble inside, so we work fast to ensure your home's condition does not deteriorate more. Call our 24-hour services line, (407) 788-3124, so we can start the mitigation and restoration work needed.

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Who Wants to Tackle Fire Damage Remediation in Orlando Alone

7/23/2019 (Permalink)

Don't deal with fire damage remediation alone. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for help.

Taking Care of Your Loved Ones from a Distance 

For some people getting older means losing mental acuity and unknowingly walking into dangerous situations. In Florida, where many choose to retire, homeowners are affected by fire damage caused by a stove left on or a burning candle too close to flammable items. When a fire happens, property owners and caregivers need to resort to professional advice to restore their homes with minimal disruption. Having a reputable company to perform the restoration process is invaluable for all involved. 

If your home in Orlando suffers fire damage and you need the best in the industry, SERVPRO is here to help. You can count on our team 24/7 to receive your call and respond to the emergency, even when you are calling on behalf of an aging parent or relative. As soon as our team arrives, we assess the situation and take action to return your home to normal. 

When fires occur, our SERVPRO crew typically encounters smoke and soot, as well as water damage caused by sprinklers or firefighters. The first step you can take even before our arrival is separating the affected area from the rest of the home. Once we get there, we can set up barriers to further prevent more widespread damage. 

After we extract any lingering water, we work to clean the smoke residue from your home. To do this, our SERVPRO technicians pay close attention to the path of the fire and cleans according to the chemical composition of each burned item. Simultaneously, we take action to remove the offending smell the fire leaves behind. Odor fighting techniques may include – 

- Ozone generators 

- Air purifiers 

- Charcoal-activated filters 

- Odor pellets 

Our goal is to mitigate your losses in terms of time and money. Throughout the restoration process, we communicate with you continuously to ensure we complete the job according to your expectations. 

SERVPRO of Apopka-Wekiva is your restoration partner. Call us at (407) 788-3124 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”  

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Remove Microbes After Flood Damage in Your Orlando Home Through Sanitizing Treatments

7/13/2019 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO help you with your Orlando storm damage.

We can help you through the storm.

Flooding may occur after a storm, heavy rain or hurricane, and after the floodwaters receded, your home could be inhabitable. Flood Water often passes through streets and yards where it can pick up mud, bacteria, and chemical toxins among other contaminants. It can also disrupt sewer systems. 

Flood-damaged homes pose a health threat to the residents because microbes pollute the environment, contaminating the water or air. After your Orlando home has sustained flood damage, SERVPRO remediation specialists can help you clean up and disinfect your property to kill microbes and prevent their development. We can arrive at your property within an hour of receiving your call to assess the ruined areas and start the cleanup and remediation process. 

When dealing with flood damage, our goal is to first extract the water and dry the home. Once this is complete, we take steps to decontaminate and sanitize your home and possessions using EPA-approved products. We can use antibacterial, disinfectant, or antibacterial treatments depending on the scenario. Antimicrobial treatments destroy and inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria while disinfectants kill disease-causing microorganisms. We take precautions when applying these treatments and use them according to the directions for the most effective and safest results. 

If sewage has contaminated a home, we apply biocides twice. We apply the first treatment before the remediation work begins to protect our crews during the cleanup process. The first treatment decontaminates surfaces and materials, but it does not disinfect the environment completely. Our SERVPRO remediation specialists apply the second treatment after cleaning to lessen exposure that could present health problems. 

Microbes can get worse if you allow a water damage intrusion to dwell. If porous materials like mattresses, rugs, vinyl flooring and upholstered furniture remain submerged in water for over 24 hours, replacing them is the ideal solution. Some factors that determine how fast a situation deteriorates include the amount of water that has intruded a structure and the humidity and temperature within the environment. Responding quickly to water damage helps prevent further destruction and mold growth. 

When your home has sustained flood damage, call SERVPRO of Apopka-Wekiva at (407) 788-3124 to get rid of the microbes. We have the credentials and expertise to handle your cleanup needs. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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What is a Hydroxyl Generator and How is it Used in Your Fire Damaged Orlando Home?

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

Fires leave odors far from the room where the fire damage occurred. SERVPRO has the equipment to remove the smoke odors.

How Hydroxyl Generators Help Orlando Homes After Fire Damage 

Advanced equipment is a priority of producing effective results for customers all over Orlando. We know how devastating fire loss incidents can be, so we invest in the machines and tools that can help us to maximize our efforts and efficiency, ultimately getting you back into your home more quickly after the incident. With odors and air quality concerns being such a prevalent threat after extinguishment, having a productive tool that can address both of these issues simultaneously is a time and money-saving approach for our clients. 

Understanding how hydroxyl generators can work to reduce fire damage in Orlando homes after an emergency can allow you to appreciate the intricacy and efficiency of our restoration approach. For many decades, deodorization was entrusted to harsh chemicals or to the effective results that ozone generators and chambers could produce. The disadvantage was that the ozone machine was not safe for use around living things. 

Hydroxyl generators produce radicals that can break down volatile organic compounds and the molecular compounds of odors with the same chemical reaction that occurs when the sun’s UV rays react with water vapor and oxygen in the atmosphere. This reaction can decompose the odor’s molecular structure, eliminating its presence in the environment. 

What makes these machines such an advantage in fire loss recovery, is that they allow our SERVPRO professionals to continue working on other mitigation strategies and cleanup while deodorization and air purification persist. With the alternative ozone machines, our professionals could not continue working on other aspects of recovery. 

With its ability to both address odors embedded in hard and soft materials, as well as open areas, it is becoming a vital tool for our restoration professionals on every fire loss recovery job that we undertake.  

Our goal is to provide each customer with an effective and efficient service when disasters threaten their homes. To make fire loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” give our SERVPRO of Apopka-Wekiva specialists a call today at (407) 788-3124. 

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Your Orlando Home Can Overcome Fire Damage 

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage remediation in your Orlando home can be difficult to take care of. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO today.

Residential Fire Damage Restoration For Orlando Homeowners

Orlando residents are usually good to prepare for the next storm, and however much wind and water might land on, or through their roof. No one, though, is ever really prepared for a fire in their home and the damage it leaves behind after sprinklers or firefighters extinguish it. 

Fire damage affects Orlando homes differently in every situation. Since no two homes are alike, SERVPRO response teams understand that they need to tailor their efforts to factors like the speed and temperature of the fire, and what burned.  

In many house fires, the physical damage is limited to a small area of the room where it started. Take a fire that started with a bedroom lamp, for example. A short in a power cord results in a fire that burns the lampstand, the bed next to it, and the nearby floor, wall, and ceiling. What usually affects the rest of the bedroom and home is the smoke and residues it leaves behind. 

SERVPRO restoration technicians quickly determine what is restorable and then dispose of all other property according to local rules and Florida state regulations. That includes demolishing and any wall and ceiling panels, as well as carpets scorched by the heat and flames. Technicians also remove salvageable items for cleaning. 

Restoring the bedroom starts with eliminating the smoke residues. Team members wipe down all surfaces with a dry sponge, removing the majority of residues in most situations. For remaining particles, they apply water or a mild cleaning agent from the office chemical inventory to break them up for easy removal. 

After eliminating the residues, technicians replace the demolished structural property. Response team members can hang new ceiling and wall panels quickly, enclosing the bedroom once more in a day or two. They can also paint the bedroom the original color or change it to meet the homeowner’s desire for a new look. 

For SERVPRO of Apopka-Wekiva, the goal is to return every home to its pre-fire state. Our teams are ready to support neighbors in Forest City, Lockhart, and University Park to help put this disaster behind them. If you need us to restore your residence, call (407) 788-3124 today. 

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Floods and Foul Odors in Your Orlando Home

6/13/2019 (Permalink)

Flood water leaving your home smelling fishy? SERVPRO can help!

Quick Flood Water Removal in Orlando Avoids Secondary Losses

This area of Florida is no stranger to flooding from intense storms. When there is a water intrusion into a home, it is vital that extraction of the water occurs as quickly as possible to avoid secondary losses. Since groundwater carries a category three biohazard rating, also known as black water, it is best cleaned up by professionals.

Our local SERVPRO technicians answered a call from a property owner for emergency flood water removal in Orlando. Locally heavy rainstorms caused flash flooding, and nearly an inch of water penetrated the back area of the home. The floodwater receded quickly but left a soggy, odorous mess in the kitchen and living room.

We arrived quickly to the home and began extraction efforts immediately using our portable pumps. Carpeting exposed to black water requires removal. Since wet carpeting weighs more, we removed the water and then cut the carpet and padding into strips for disposal.

Upon scoping the affected areas in the home, we found water wicked into the sheetrock and behind the baseboards. SERVPRO technicians performed a type of controlled demolition technique known as "flood cuts" where we carefully cut away water-damaged sheetrock about six inches above the water line. This action allows adequate airflow into the wall cavity.

The drying phase is crucial for not only the primary function of lowering moisture in the room, but it also inhibits mold growth. An unfortunate but common occurrence after flooding in a home is foul odors. After our technicians cleaned and disinfected the water loss areas in the house, a residual water odor remained.

One of the many certifications our technicians hold is in odor control. We have a diverse number of applications to neutralize any remaining odors from the flood water completely. 

Our SERVPRO location holds a general contractor license which let us offer not only cleanup from water loss, but also full rebuilding to completely restore the home to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO of Apopka-Wekiva at (407) 788-3124 stands ready to assist homeowners with flood water removal. Our certified technicians can help with all stages of recovery from water loss, so it is, "Like it never even happened."

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How You Can Easily Deal With Water Damage Remediation in Your Orlando Business

6/7/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage remediation for your Orlando office doesn't have to cause a headache. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for help.

Restoring Water Damage in Your High-Rise Orlando Office Building

Water loss incidents can become especially damaging to office buildings with multiple floors that you can commonly see shaping the Orlando skyline. With situations like a burst pipe or a defective fire suppression system, water can pool quickly around the source of the damage and begin to spread through walls, floors, ceilings, and other paths to affect as many rooms and levels of your high-rise building as possible. With the severity of this situation, you do not have the time to reach out to your custodial staff to begin cleanup. You need professional assistance from trained technicians with experience in water loss recovery.

Combatting water damage in your Orlando office building is much different than contending with these effects in a single-family home. Our SERVPRO professionals have experience both with these smaller residential projects and large loss recovery scenarios, making us a capable and wise choice for those looking to minimize the damage and get your facility back to preloss condition promptly.

A substantial concern of our responding technicians is the spread of water damage to multiple floors of your high-rise office building. Containing the spread of these effects begins with stopping the flow at the source and then identifying the extent of the damage with moisture content readers and thermal imagery cameras. Once we know the edges of the disaster, we can set up our effective drying equipment to force moisture and saturation from the affected materials and areas.

Protecting your electronics, records, and other vital contents to your business is another concern of our dispatched SERVPRO specialists. Our contents department can remove many of these at-risk items and transport them to our facility for safekeeping and focused cleaning and drying efforts. Once restoration work completes, these items can get returned to their original positions.

With multiple floors full of workers and clients at any time of the day, a water loss incident can prove devastating to your building. Let our SERVPRO of Apopka-Wekiva water restoration specialists show you how our equipment and experience can make these damaging effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (407) 788-3124.

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How Are Smoke and Soot Cleaned From Fire Damaged Orlando Homes?

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot damages are some of the most difficult to clean.

Fire Damage Restoration for Private Residents in Orlando

When materials burn at high temperatures, they release carbon, sulfurs, and other particles into the surrounding environment in the form of smoke. Although containing the fire within a single room, the smoke released can often travel throughout the home, rising upward and entering pockets of clean air. It is this process that often results in extensive damages even when the flames themselves damaged a relatively small area.

Remediating fire damage in Orlando is as much about cleaning away stubborn soot deposits as it is about removing or repairing charred materials. SERVPRO has certified fire and smoke damage technicians (FST) to help restore your property after an unfortunate event like a fire. By learning the behavior of smoke, how it travels, and how best to approach smoke residues, we are confident of getting your home back to its preloss condition efficiently.

Thick smoke that comes into contact with colder surfaces creates smoke deposits. Equally, as smoke travels, soot is dropped to the ground level and can land on mattresses, furnishings, or flooring. This process can often be exacerbated by firefighting procedures which use water and result in soot setting into fabrics. SERVPRO tackles this issue using chemical agents and techniques like foam cleaning that can help to prevent soot from causing permanent damages and resulting in expensive replacements.

There are two different types of smoke damages. The first is wet smoke, which is caused by the burning of synthetic materials. Natural materials like woods and certain fabrics create dry smoke. Agitative cleaning methods using corrosive chemicals as well as sandblasting techniques can be extremely effective against wet smoke, which is thicker and harder to remove. We remediate dry smoke damages by applying sanitizers or wet cleaning methods.

Despite the best cleaning efforts, it is often the case that smoke odors remain behind after removing all signs of residue. SERVPRO use thermal foggers that vaporize solvents to remove unpleasant odors after a fire. These solvents contain pairing agents that bond with odor particles and neutralize them rather than merely masking the odor temporarily.

Property damages are stressful experiences, contact SERVPRO of Apopka-Wekiva at (407) 788-3124 for expert assistance and remediation.

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Our Certified Technicians Are Prepared To Restore Your Orlando Home After A Flood

5/16/2019 (Permalink)

We will help you determine the amount of damage and then work with you and your insurance company to get the repairs done fast.

Flood Damage Restoration Often Includes a Pack-Out in Orlando

When significant quantities of water infiltrate your Orlando home contents also suffer damage. You might believe that your boxes of documents, books, pictures, and other stored items are a lost cause. On the contrary, modern techniques and innovative equipment can clean and dry out your household goods and personal possessions so you can enjoy them again in your newly restored dwelling.

The key is a pack-out of the spaces in your Orlando house affected by flood damage. Moving your possessions to our production facility is a safe and secure strategy. We use a detailed Content Claims Inventory System (CCIS) to list and track your portable property. We use digital photos, lists, and barcoding to document the condition of your personal property every step of the way.

Moving the contents of your home out temporarily aids the SERVPRO team in the restoration of both your home’s structure and the packed-out articles. Clearing out wet furnishings, boxes of stored items, and other articles allows our water removal and drying crews to work more efficiently. Our crew goes space to space inside your home, using pumps and wanded extractors to remove the water, containing it for disposal per local regulations as flooding by definition involves Category 3 or black water.

We clean the surfaces affected by flood water, sanitizing them with EPA-registered disinfectants. SERVPRO employees trained as Applied Structural Drying Technicians (ASD) by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) set up a drying configuration. We measure the moisture content of the building materials, using that data to determine a drying goal. Air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers help lower the moisture to normal levels.

Specially trained technicians evaluate your items at our production facility, cleaning, disinfecting, drying, and restoring them. SERVPRO uses innovative techniques like freeze-drying for paper and contained small drying chambers to remove moisture for furnishings. Items are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly so you and your family can enjoy them again in your remediated home.

SERVPRO of Apopka-Wekiva offers customers highly-qualified technicians and state of the art equipment to return your flooded home to preloss condition. Call (407) 788-3124 day or night to schedule a professional assessment of your flooding scenario.

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When Water Damage Causes Your Orlando Jewelry Store to Lose Its Luster

5/1/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage can be devastating to a jewelry business, not only with facility damage, but jewelry damage as well.

Crucial Steps When Restoring Commercial Water Damage in Orlando Jewelry Stores

If you manage a jewelry store, you know how important it is to keep your customer’s appointments. A water damage incident can easily ruin your plans and your reputation if your store is not accessible, or customer records are lost. Such incidents can also cause some of your items to deteriorate through oxidation and corrosion because of the high humidity.

Restoring partial or full operations fast after water damage in Orlando Jewelry stores that you manage can help save your reputation. Steps such as stopping the water source and extracting any standing water help. Our SERVPRO technicians use dry-wet vacs and other sophisticated water extraction equipment to evacuate any standing water fast. We also fix minor leaks and move items to unaffected areas.  

Apart from the harm caused by water, higher than usual humidity levels can also cause problems like tarnishing of silver items or impaired function in electronics. Reducing the levels of humidity fast can save such items. Our SERVPRO technicians use a variety of dehumidifiers to extract moisture from the air reducing humidity levels. We use LGR dehumidifiers, which add an extra cooling step thus improving the removal of moisture from the air that passes through.  

When people visit your jewelry store, the visual appeal of your store can influence the impression they have about your services. If the water affects finishes on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces by causing the paint to chirp or leaving lines, people might interpret that as a sign that your store offers inferior products. Cleaning up affected areas and refinishing surfaces can help prevent such outcomes. Our SERVPRO technicians use multi-surface cleaning equipment to remove any traces of soiling on surfaces. We also repaint surfaces matching the color with unaffected surfaces for a uniform look.  

In case of water loss in your Apopka, Wekiva Spring or University Park area jewelry stores, call SERVPRO of Apopka Wekiva to help restore it to its preloss state. You can reach us at (407) 788-3124 any time. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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