Recent Before & After Photos

Hail Storm Damage

Living in Florida, people don't really worry about hail damage - but they should.  Central Florida does get hail storms, and they happen more often than yo... READ MORE

Air Conditioning Mold

In Florida, your air conditioner runs almost all the time.  Unfortunately, that can lead to mold unless you have your air conditioning system cleaned on a ... READ MORE

Office Fire

Let's face it, with all the equipment in a modern office fires are definitely a possibility.  Not to mention all of the power strips, extension cords and o... READ MORE

House Fire

When you suffer damage from a fire the most important thing is to get back to normal.  Your home or office, whether the fire s large or small, will be in d... READ MORE

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

Whether you have a small fire or a five alarm blaze, the damage will still be significant.  Not only does the fire cause damage, but so does the smoke.In f... READ MORE

Exterior Mold Removal

This exterior wall was covered in mold, which looked bad and was a potential health issue.  While most forms of mold are not hazardous to people or pets, o... READ MORE

Lightning and Tree Damage

After a large storm or hurricane there can be significant damage to clean-up inside and outside your home.  In Central Florida, one of the more likely caus... READ MORE

Before And After Hurricane Flood Photos

Flood damage can happen quickly and be devastating, especially in a storm or hurricane.  In many cases, as shown in these before and after pictures, the am... READ MORE

Water Heater Damage Repair Before and After

This water heater was slowly leaking and causing not only water damage, but also creating the perfect environment for mold.  This water heater had likely b... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Office Building

As you can see in these before and after photos that this office really did get affected by a lot of water. The storm Damage to this office building resulted fr... READ MORE