Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage in Orlando, Stopped Fast

The HVAC unit in the garage of this Orlando home was clogged with algae, iced up, and left water on the floor. The owners were gone for a few days and upon retu... READ MORE

Water Heater Damage Repair Before and After

This water heater was slowly leaking and causing not only water damage, but also creating the perfect environment for mold. This water heater had likely been l... READ MORE

Residential Water Damage

In the before photo you can see where the water was and how much it damaged the wood floor. The process that our crew uses is called "water extraction". What wa... READ MORE

Water Damage Flooring and Dry Out- Winter Park, FL

The before photo clearly shows the flooring in this residential home was so extremely wet and damaged by the amounts of water that entered this home that you ca... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

In the before photo its hard to see that the water damaged a lot more then it looks. We had to tape up the air conditioning unit so that it didn't make the affe... READ MORE

Area Contained After Cleaning- Winter Garden, FL

The before photo shows this bathrooms tub and where the water damage occurred along with all of the areas that were affected. The photo also shows that some of ... READ MORE

Water Damage Flooring and Dryout- Casselberry, FL

The before photo shows this home was affected by a water damage caused by a busted tank from the toilet in this residence. You can also see the water that was l... READ MORE