Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damage – Orlando Condominium Project

Storm damage struck this Orlando condominium project which was under construction when thunderstorms pounded the area over a three-day weekend while workers wer... READ MORE

Lightning and Tree Damage

After a large storm or hurricane there can be significant damage to clean-up inside and outside your home. In Central Florida, one of the more likely causes of... READ MORE

Before And After Hurricane Flood Photos

Flood damage can happen quickly and be devastating, especially in a storm or hurricane. In many cases, as shown in these before and after pictures, the amount ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Office Building

As you can see in these before and after photos that this office really did get affected by a lot of water. The storm Damage to this office building resulted fr... READ MORE

Storms and what they leave behind

Not all storms dump water creating havoc on a structure. For this home that was not the outcome and it did get greatly affected by the storm that hit this home.... READ MORE

Storm Damages

Storms are not all that bad unless it happens to damage your home or business. In that case storms can be a lot more problematic than we would like to deal with... READ MORE

Document Restoration

Document restoration can be a critical part of recovery for a business after a storm. Vacuum Freeze Drying allows us to recover important documents for our cust... READ MORE