SERVPRO of Apopka-Wekiva Employee Photos

Picture of Shannon

Shannon Perez

Shannon was born and raised in the Central Florida area. As General Manager, she has been involved in every aspect of our business, from answering the phones to managing a job on site in the field. Shannon has worked with Scott Tracy, our franchise owner, for over 28 years. She is dependable, honest, and genuinely cares for every person she comes into contact with. Her consistent ability to listen to people's concerns and address those concerns has allowed her to help Scott build a team of professionals that feel like family.

Male employee in front of service truck.

Hector Arroyo

A New York City transplant with over a decade of experience, Hector has been a valuable Mold Supervisor for us for nearly 7 years. 

Female employee in front of service truck.

Cindi Casey

Our resident Fire Supervisor with the knowledge to clean and restore all buildings after a fire. If you have the unfortunate luck have experiencing a fire, you'll be glad that Cindi is there to help! 

SERVPRO crew member

Alexandra James “AJ”

AJ is our File Coordinator/Estimator.  Her certifications include Level I Xactimite and MICA DASH. Originally from Jackson, AL., AJ grew up along side three brothers and two dogs.  She has a passion for sports and spending time with her family, including her stepson.  AJ has over ten years of experience in restoration including four in Pensacola before joining us here.  If she’s not catching a game or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane she’s on the job!

SERVPRO Crew Memeber

Christina Hosey

Christina is one of our go to people in Accounts Receivable.  One of our newer team members, she got into the restoration industry when she joined the SERVPRO family in 2022.  Christina loves spending time with her family, hitting the beach, and taking advantage of everything Florida has to offer.

SERVPRO crew memeber

Kenneth Perez

Kenny is one of our Technicians.  Kenny joined the SERVPRO team last year and has four years of restoration experience. Originally from Tampa, Kenny is a native Floridian.  When he’s not traveling for fun he is on call waiting for the next chance to SERV.

SERVPRO crew member

Caleb Wallace

Caleb is a WRT certified technician.  He has been with SERVPRO for over four years.  Originally from California, Caleb decided to switch coasts and join us here in Florida.  He brought a wealth of knowledge in carpentry and construction with him, as well as a passion for cooking.  The cooking is just a bonus for a hungry crew!  

SERVPRO crew member

Ryan Bonk

Ryan just recently joined the SERVPRO team as a construction project manager.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in new home construction. Ryan is originally from Memphis, TN. He is married with two children.  When he’s not cruising down the road on a motorcycle he’s helping SERVPRO get the job done!

SERVPRO crew member

Jonathan Castillo

Jonathan is a WRT certified Crew Chief.  He’s been with SERVPRO for almost 4 years now. Originally from El Paso, TX Jonathan decided to move to Florida and join the SERVPRO team, as well as, do a little fishing on the side.


Jason Dalton

Jason has been with the SERVPRO team for 27 years now.  He’s a WRT/ASD/ODO certified production manager. Jason is a Florida native, originally from Sanford.  He has two daughters and granddaughter.  Since that doesn’t keep him busy enough he’s training to run a 100 mile ultra marathon.  We will have the ice ready for him at the finish line!

SERVPRO crew member

Leonard Sauler

Lenny is a SERVPRO technician with over 4 years of experience in restoration work.  He joined the SERVPRO team a little over a year ago. He brings with him a strong background in electrical and plumbing work, as well as previous training in mold abatement. He is originally from Holbrook NY.  So, we are happy to have him with us in the sunshine state.

SERVPRO crew member

Rachel Stumberg

Rachel is a construction administrator.  She recently joined the SERVPRO team this past year.  She’s a Kentucky native enjoying the warm weather and great fishing in Florida.

SERVPRO crew member

Nikki Casey

Nikki is a supervisor with over 20 years of experience in restoration.  She has been on the SERVPRO team for 10 years.  Nikki has a IICRC certification in smoke-oder.  She is originally from Altamante Springs.

SERVPRO crew member

Rhonda Gormeen

Rhonda is a fire technician that has been with SERVPRO for the past 5 years.  She’s has IICRC certifications in water and fire. Rhonda is a twin and originally from Lake Mary.